We Are the Future of Ranching

We support our ranchers with the latest technologies to bring the highest quality craft beef from Farm to Table.

Savannah Oaks Beef & Cattle Co.

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A True Partnership

We establish a true partnership with our local ranchers, consumers, and restaurants to form a trilateral relationship that delivers a significant value proposition to all stakeholders in the supply chain.


We provide high quality craft beef, responsibly raised and harvested from the best independent ranchers.


We leverage operational data to provide total transparency from birth to harvest from the ranch of origin, location, and the conditions it was raised.


For our ranchers we provide a digital solution, using the latest technologies to provide powerful insights, peace of mind, and significant efficiencies.


The year is 2022. You wake up to the smell of fresh coffee and birds chirping on your smart home device. Your virtual assistant tells you that #236 is miles away from the rest of the herd, and that her vitals have been showing signs of high stress all night. You access your herd’s live feed to see how she is behaving, and you immediately notice her restlessness and discomfort. You hop into your truck, and the GPS leads you exactly where #236 is. Five minutes later, your vet shows up.