About Us

Cattle ranchers must be proficient at planning, budgeting and cost accounting. Careful calculation of fixed operating costs and accurate estimation of variable operating expenses, such as veterinarian bills, can help you predict what your average income will be each year. Some cattle ranchers or their spouse may work a second job for added income and for family health coverage.

Cattle ranchers often work long hours in extreme summer heat and in record-breaking cold. Death or injury can result from operating machinery, fighting fires or working with large, unruly animals. Losing heifers during calving can be emotionally and financially distressing. As ranchers age, they find it difficult to handle the physical nature of the job. Slowing down, however, can reduce annual income and limit earning power.

At HTR, we want to be a trusted technology partner for the ranching community by providing new and innovative technologies to optimize ranching operations. We provide a Digital Ranch Management System providing operational management and business insight to drive value with less resources, in the following ways:

Efficiencies and Loss Mitigation
Our technology focuses on providing operational oversight and remote monitoring to reduce labor, mitigate risk, and provide efficiencies and peace of mind.
Profitability and Performance
We leverage data to drive performance, and optimize to become more profitable. We utilize our Herd Management System with our Financial Module to provide relevant financial and performance metrics to provide intuitive visibility into the strength of your operations and allow you to make better informed decisions.
We provide transparency and best practices to enhance value and marketability of beef for the buyer and end user.