What We Do

Our technology provides an easy user interface, delivering operational oversight and remote monitoring to reduce labor, mitigate risk, and provide efficiencies and peace of mind. HTR - Digital Ranch Management (DRMS) gives relevant performance metrics and intuitive visibility into the strength of your operations and allows you to make informed decisions to increase profitability.
Remote Monitoring and Tracking
  • Early Detection: Most ranchers working off the ranch or on leased property where remote visibility of operations allows for early detection of potential problems to mitigate risk of losses and provides the peace of mind to allow ranchers to manage by exception.
  • Manage from Any Device: No more counting cows or driving out to property to check on cows; manage everything from mobile phone, tablet, or laptops.
  • Smart Record & Playback Feature: allows you to see all movements for a particular time frame to look at socialization of bulls and open cows and social patterns.
  • Smart Cattle Reproduction Management: A patent feature that combines the features of the track and trace that monitors and scores the reproductivity of your bulls and cows and breeding herd to ensure productivity.
    • Herd Management: Inventory record keeping
    ALERTS: Push text notifications, phone call or email
    Our Proprietary E-Cattle Tag transmits data back to our cloud-based software to provide smart algorithms to provide remote monitoring features:

    Animal Alerts:

    • Animal is outside its geofenced pasture
    • Cow is potentially going into labor/calving
    • Inactivity due to injury or illness
    • Performance scoring your bull to ensure productivity

    Environmental Alerts: Push text, phone call, or email

    • Water trough level monitoring and temperature
    • Gates open/closed at access points with time stamps
    • Hay temperature and moisture monitoring
    • Soil Temp and moisture monitoring
    • Rain Monitoring
    Budgeting, revenue and expenses, dashboard analytics – mobile app enabled platform to capture expenses on the go and generate bill of sales with animal history and details captured.
    • Tracks herd metrics and benchmarks to ensure quality, weights, maturity, body conditions, hereditary conditions of beef quality, fat content, ribeye area
    • Calculations are based on Beef Improvement Federation formulas
    Health Managment
    Reduce mortality rates, healthier cows are more productive cows
    • Monitor animal habits and health with alerts
    • Tracks all health records and vaccinations and sends reminders when due.

    Our Solution

    We utilize the latest in cloud-based software from Microsoft Azure and LPWAN IOT Solutions. Our software and IOT features are patent pending.

    Proprietary E-Tag

    Our tags look just like traditional cattle ear tags. They contain 18-24-month battery life, and communicate with the gateways.


    A few gateways are placed on the property dependent on size and terrain to communicate with the ear tags and network. Similar in size of a bird house on a pole.

    The Cloud

    Our software resides in the cloud and communicates with the network.

    Monitoring through Network

    The application pushes alerts and communicates directly with the rancher via mobile devices, tablet, laptop, computer.

    Accessible on Any Device

    Image Image Image Image

    Features of our App

    Secure, one-time login when launching the app for the first time. After that, opening the app takes you straight to the Animal Card.
    Intuitive landing page makes it quick and easy for you to perform these tasks while out in the field. No internet? No problem. They app will automatically sync with your backend database the next time you are connected
    Simple cattle listing allows the user to easily select the animal they’re looking for. Smart search is also available.
    All the detail entered for a given animal in the desktop app is available at your fingertips, where ever you are
    Setup customized alerts to let you know the location and condition of your animals at all times.

    Our Goals

    Increase realized revenue
    By leveraging data to drive performance, and optimize to become more profitable.
    Make better informed decisions
    Combining your operations and financials to provide you with relevant and key insights.
    Reduce overhead cost
    By providing operational management and business insight to drive value with less resources.
    Reduce preventable losses
    By providing operational oversight and remote monitoring to mitigate risk, and provide efficiencies and peace of mind.
    Improve fundamental efficiencies
    Taking best practices from academia and research to provide you with proven best practices to improve and maintain the health of your herd.
    Improve farm operations
    Using Intuitive and Relevant Dashboards with insightful performance indicators.