What We Do

The Future of Ranching is Here.
Our technology provides an easy user interface, delivering operational oversight and remote monitoring to reduce labor, mitigate risk, and provide efficiencies and peace of mind. HTR - Digital Ranch Management System (DRMS) provides relevant performance metrics and intuitive visibility into the strength of your operations and allows you to make better informed decisions to increase profitability.
Asset/Ranch Management - Intuitive Dashboard
  • Action Items for the week for vaccinations and health checks
  • Percentage complete and highlight deficiencies
  • Forward planning 6 week look ahead and livestock needing attention
  • Estimated cost and forward projected expense forecast.
Remote Monitoring and Tracking
  • Most ranchers working off the ranch or on leased property where remote visibility of operations allows for early detection of potential problems to mitigate risk of losses and provides the peace of mind to allow ranchers to manage by exception.
  • No more counting cows or driving out to property to check on cows; manage everything from mobile phone, tablet, or laptops.
Budgeting, revenue and expenses, dashboard analytics – mobile app enabled platform to capture expenses on the go and generate bill of sales with animal history and details captured.
  • Tracks herds metrics and benchmarks to ensure quality, weights, maturity, body conditions, hereditary conditions of beef quality, fat content, ribeye area
  • Calculations are based on Beef Improvement Federation formulas
Health Managment
Reduce mortality rates, healthier cows are more productive cows
  • Monitor animal habits and health with alerts
  • Tracks all health records and vaccinations and sends reminders when due.