What Makes Us Different

HTR is a trusted technological partner for the ranching community, providing new and innovative technologies to improve productivity with less resources.

Innovative Software Solutions

We provide innovative software & IOT solution that digitizes ranching operations, delivering insights and value to our customers.

Unlimited Scale

The software provides us with unlimited scale to connect hundreds of thousands of ranches, creating a digital coop. This allows us to replicate our business model outside any metropolitan area to service restaurants and markets that other online retailers can not.

Capture Critical Data

The software enables us to capture critical data on each animal in our coop, such as health records, vaccinations, herd metrics and benchmarks, weights, maturity, body conditions, hereditary, and fat content.

Leverage that Data

We leverage that data to move their product to market, while providing a new level of transparency.

Year-Round Production

We reside in the heart of the ranching industry with a temperate climate and pastures that enable nearly year-round production.

Local Access to Largest Metropolitican Area in US.

Local access to some of the largest metropolitan areas in the country #4-Dallas, #5-Houston, #24-San Antonio, #29 Austin.

Top-Notch Management Team

We have a management team in place of software, cattlemen, and finance professionals all passionate about beef, cattle, and technology.